Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tips for Eurostar and UK Regional Trains

Book early, three weeks is best. Also, look out for holidays! There is a French school holiday tomorrow and all direct trains to Paris were fully booked. Luckily for us, there is an alternate route from London to Paris via the Paris Disneyland, which nobody ever talked about. From Disneyland it's just a short (45-minute) subway ride into the city. We couldn't use our Eurail pass discount, but it was still cheaper than traveling direct.

UK Regional Trains
I can't really understand this one. All I know is that there are major price differences based on any number of arbitrary factors, possibly including:

  • date purchased (in some cases, same-day is better than advance booking)
  • peak hours (This is very important--hundreds of pounds difference)
  • the line you are traveling (big city or rural/commuter vs. passenger trains)
  • whether you buy at a computer kiosk or from the ticket office, even at the same station.
I have no idea how it works, or how everyone manages to get the best price.

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