Monday, September 24, 2012

London People, London Sounds

Trying to be inconspicuous with a digital recorder sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. I got yelled at a few times. But it'd be a shame to pass up a beautiful or interesting sound, whether it's coming from a cathedral or from a man playing American folk music on a double-bass outside the Kensington subway stop.

Two more "interviews"...
We were undecided on whether or not to see a show in London, but ended up with the Royal Shakespeare Company's Indian-themed "Much Ado About Nothing" (amazing). On the way, we met two more wonderfully nice people who helped us on our quest to find some dinner. Our box office ticket seller pointed us towards pasta in Covent Garden, and a man selling magazines on the street recommended a place in Leicester Square. Incidentally, we ran into the Magazine Man again the next morning. He asked if we had found a cheap place to eat, and if Ahnya had gotten her smashed potatoes.

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  1. "To the right of Singin' in the Rain is the road to Jersey Boys...."
    ....and straight on til morning.